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Despite being coined ‘Night Noodle Markets,’ the set up at Sydney’s Hyde Park offers so much more than just noodles. From fresh Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Korean and Malaysian cuisines, beverages of the non-alcoholic and alcoholic variety and more desserts you can fit into your tummy, the Night Noodle Markets offers something for everyone!

If you’re looking for a way to #treatyoself and get #thatsugarfix be sure to pop by and save some space for dessert. We’ve put together a list of all the desserts on offer:

  • Chat Thai Desserts:
    • Sticky Rice and Mango
    • Deep fried Banana Fritters
  • Harajuka Gyoza 
    • Banana Nutella Gyoza – fried dessert dumpling
  • Black Star Pastry and N2 Gelato:
    • Strawberry Watermelon Cake
    • Teafagato – a special collaborative dish resembling a steaming bowl of ramen including a smashed strawberry watermelon cake, sparkling rooibos hobiscus tea and freeze dried cherries
    • Brokeback Moment Gelato – homemade honeycomb crushed into vanilla bean gelato, chocolate top sprinkled with honeycomb dust and a syringe filled with gooey Salted Caramel.


  • Mini Pancakes and Coconuts
    • Mini Pancakes – various flavours for toppings
    • Young Drinking Coconuts
    • Sago Pudding
  • Mrs Dipity’s Desserts
    • All Natural Soft Serve Ice Cream and Vegan Soft Serve
    • Dipity Pops – chocolate dipped and rolled in crunchy bits
    • Salty Malty Pretzels with Chocolate
  • Waffles on a Stick
    • Lychee and Caramel
    • Sesame and Maple
    • Nutella
    • Melted Chocolate
  • Gelato Messina:
    • Bao Chick Bao Bao – deep fried gua bao filled with peanut gelato, dipped in a milk chocolate sauce and rolled in crushed peanuts
    • David Bao-Wy – deep fried bao filled with salted coconut sorbet, dipped in white chocolate mango ganache rolled in crushed cashews
    • Great Balls of Fryer – deep fried ice cream ball filled with Thai custard gelato, lovingly nested in ‘messina tinned fruit salad’ and a choice of caramel or chocolate sauce (or both!)
    • Gold Bullion Bar – layers of gulamalaka gelato, condensed milk gelato, passion fruit jelly, a nut crunch and banana bread
    • Luck Money Bar – layers of coconut gelato, pandan and coconut sorbet, mango gel, cashew nut sponge and coconut biscuit



  • Bring hand sanitiser (basic hygiene is always a good thing)
  • Bring lots of tissues (very necessary when consuming such delicious desserts)
  • Bring a picnic mat (the crowds are never ending and you will most likely have to sit on the floor)

Devour these delicious treats at Hyde Park Sydney open every night until October 25th, during the following hours:

Mon & Tue: 5pm – 9pm
Wed & Thur: 5pm – 10pm
Friday: 5pm – 11pm
Saturday: 4pm – 10pm
Sunday: 4pm – 9pm

What desserts have you tried? Or what desserts would you like to try? Leave your answers in the comments below 🙂

Stay Sweet! CD

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11 thoughts on “Night Noodle Markets | Get That Sugar Fix

  1. I tried the N2/Black Star Pastry desserts when I went last week and they were heavenly! Most of them have huge lines but it’s worth a wait! I plan on going again this week and trying a few of those mentioned here, thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the amazing write-up! I’m heading to the night moodle markets tomorrow night and can’t wait to try everything! Of course all the desserts/sweet items are what I’m looking forward to the most, so thanks heaps for your selection, I actually only knew Messina was going to be there!


  3. Gelato Messina always has a great range of desserts at their food stalls! Icecream and gelato are definitely my favourite way to treat myself 🙂 This is a great campaign – I feel so much less guilty about getting my sugar fix haha

    Liked by 1 person

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