Ditch The Diet (Part Two) | Advice From A Life And Wellness Coach

This is part two of a two part series interview with Sarah Tamburrini, creator of Practice Glow. Read part one HERE!


Describe sugar in three words.

Just another food.

Should sugar be viewed as something that is ‘bad’?

Absolutely not. Viewing sugar as ‘bad’ leads to this kind of cycle I call the ‘diet binge’ cycle:

You see sugar as bad so when you eat it you feel ‘bad’ (because when we view food as bad it is only natural that when we engage in something ‘bad’ we feel ‘bad’). So you decide to ‘quit sugar’. You might be sugar free for a while but it is really only a matter of time before you blow out into what I also call ‘rebellious’ eating (aka a binge or emotional eating).

Case in point: quitting ‘something’ is counter productive (which is why diets never ever work- and if they do they work in the long run for a very small percentage…many of who develop clinical disorders).

You only go on to eat it more. So: many clients come to me and tell me sugar has always been an issue for them- they are ‘addicted’ and I tell them that as long as you have approach sugar with a diet mentality then of course it has and will be an issue for you (because of this restriction, diet, binge cycle). Are we really getting the feeling that diets are really really counter productive right about now?

It goes without saying that there are more nutritious foods but at the end of the day food is about pleasure and if we are not getting pleasure out of food then I doubt you’re really all that ‘healthy’. I tell my clients over and over that when you are able to see food as just food- which is to say you drop the labels, the rules and the diet mentality of what’s good vs bad, then you are in a better position to eat food with more acceptance, appreciation and enjoyment…..and I can tell you sugar won’t then have all that power over you that you think it has…which is why you ‘thought’ you had to quit it).

Read, “Please, Don’t Quit Sugar” and about how quitting food is never going to be helpful, for more on this topic.

What is your favourite way to ‘treat yo self’ and get that sugar fix? 

I proudly love dessert- it’s my favourite meal! I eat the range of desserts too such as raw vegan desserts to fructose free to eat your heart out rich gooey chocolate fudge cake with thick frosting (not sugar free at all- but who cares?!). I have a plethora of amazing cakes on my blog I like to make like my caramel ‘cheesecake’ and my raw caramel slice.

Otherwise you can find me eating Lindt chocolate, medjool dates, chocolate brownies and I’m recently obsessed with these Asian sesame dumplings and sticky rice with fresh mango…yum!

What advice would you give to people seeking to live a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle?

Make a commitment to live life feeling both physically and mentally happy and well and if you’re feeling stuck, or riddled with objections like ‘but I won’t be able to stop eating if I drop this diet’ or ‘no one will love me if I’m not skinny’…then please seek help, jump on board with me for some help. A healthy life is accessible for everyone, but not everyone has the courage to ‘really’ go seek it.

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8 thoughts on “Ditch The Diet (Part Two) | Advice From A Life And Wellness Coach

  1. Loved this piece! I truly agree with the comment made, “Make a commitment to live life feeling both physically and mentally happy and well and if you’re feeling stuck, or riddled with objections like ‘but I won’t be able to stop eating if I drop this diet’ or ‘no one will love me if I’m not skinny’…then please seek help.” I think this links well with my blog content as well, as women always seem to think they’ve failed if they aren’t a certain weight or body. We need to stop the diet mentality in order to live freely and love ourselves. Keep up the great posts! If you’re interested, check out my blog at takebackthebody.wordpress.com Happy blogging! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is some of the best advice I have ever read about looking at food with a healthy mindset! Couldn’t agree more that it’s important to eat for pleasure (in moderation of course!). Btw how great are medjool dates? Love that they are in the recipe suggestions too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is great advice! I am always trying to ‘quit sugar’ and I’ll have a couple of really healthy days in a row, but then one slip-up and I decide to just call it quits and have a really bad eating day 😥
    Sarah definitely knows what she’s talking about and you can really see how processed and refined sugar can be super addictive in ways that even resemble alcohol or drug addiction!! I think this is a great mentality to promote, that food doesn’t have to be anything other than food – once we get rid of all the labels and bad feelings associated with sugar we can just enjoy it with moderation as a small treat in our eating habits! Thanks for sharing this super informative post! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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