Don’t Quit Sugar | Advice From A Nutritionist

Cassie Platt, in her book “Don’t Quit Sugar: Why sugars are important for your health” emphasises that everyone is better off focusing on a balanced diet and lifestyle rather one riddled with restrictions. Platt is a nutritionist, holding a Master of Human Nutrition and trained in Melbourne, Sydney and New York. Her views echo that of this campaign, to focus on a healthy and balanced lifestyle accompanied with treats rather than viewing foods as either bad or good and living with restrictions.

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Throughout her book, Platt shares reasons why you shouldn’t quit sugar some of which include:

  • Sugar is an efficient source of energy for our cells
  • Our bodies need sugar to power growth, movement, repair and regeneration and importantly brain function.
  • Sugar alone  isn’t the only reason why you’re unhealthy and doesn’t alone cause weight gain or obesity. There are so many other factors involved e.g. overconsumption of food in general, lack of activity, hormonal issues, genetics and environmental issues.
  • Sugar can actually help your well being provided you don’t restrict yourself and enjoy it in moderation.

Platt also alludes that ripe, seasonal fruits are some of the most nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich foods we can consume. Humans have been eating fruit throughout evolution, there’s no reason we should suddenly question it’s healthiness. Furthermore she advises not to be sacred of natural sweeteners like honey. Unprocessed honey has been found to contain many protective substances which are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

For more information on Cassie Platt, her book and nutrition advice visit her website.

Stay Sweet! CD

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12 thoughts on “Don’t Quit Sugar | Advice From A Nutritionist

  1. This is very insightful! often we are scared into thinking that sugar is a synonym for bad health, but we forget that sugar itself is not the problem, it’s the way you consume it. thanks for the eye-opener

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  2. I am glad to have read this article – i am too much of a sugar nut to ever give it up! Such an insightful and useful perspective! It’s good to know that it does our bodies some good. So I will have my cake and eat it too! 🙂 xx


    1. Love the way you put it! Everyone should have their cake and eat it too 🙂 Glad you found the post useful and hopefullly it broke down some common misconceptions! Thanks for sharing you opinion! x


  3. A friend of mine tried to quite sugar cold turkey and man, was it disastrous. I think it’s better to consume it moderately than trying to quit it all at once. I mean, a girl needs her ice cream!


  4. This article is great! I have always thought that sugar is bad for you and is a main cause of weight gain. Knowing that there are many benefits from consuming sugar, I can’t wait to have a slice of cake now! (I promise I won’t over do it though…). 🙂


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