Welcome to ‘That Sugar Fix’

By now, you’ve probably seen us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and are wondering what else we do besides share recipes and photos of incredibly drool worthy food.

We’re here to fix the perception on sugar and encourage you to Treat Yo Self!

So many people view sugar as something that is bad. We’ve all heard the advice to “cut down on sugar” or “eliminate sugar” labelling sugar as toxic, and something that we should quit.

Guess what? A healthy lifestyle can include sugar! That’s right sugar is NOT bad, in fact it is good, it is great and it is something we all should consume in moderation.

We’ll be sharing with you tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, busting myths about sugar, more sweet recipes and an abundance of mouth watering food pictures.

Get your sugar fix and Treat Yo Self without feeling bad for it!

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Stay Sweet! CD

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to ‘That Sugar Fix’

  1. Love that your promoting that a healthy diet just simply means everything in moderation! It’s not necessary to be so strict 🙂 I’d love to see something about delicious alternatives to chocolates like raw cacao!

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  2. Hey there!
    If you’re interested in doing a blogpost on eating fruit as another way to get a sugar fix, let us know! We’ll be happy to share your stuff around!


  3. Love this post! There’s a big difference between candy with only empty calories and fruit with it’s beneficial fiber. What I’ve recommended is melting a little dark chocolate and dipping strawberries, bananas or another fibrous fruit for a wonderful tasty and nutritious treat. Keep posting, I enjoy reading! 🙂 Blessings,


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